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We grow organic vegetables


Mindful Farm,our community for organic farming,vegan food and Dharma teaching,is situated in a peaceful vally near Samoeng,75 Km north-west of the Chiang Mai city.The farm is run by a former Thai monk,Pi Nan,and his Japanease partner,Noriko,who have a little girl,Nobara born in 2011.


More than 2,000 people from all around the world have stayed at our farm as a volunteer since 2011. We live like a big family,and cook,eat and work together in nature.We are like a Sangha,open to both Thai local people and travelers from every part of the world to empower each other and bring progressive harmony on the plant.


Our farm has integrated mindfulness into its daily life. Mindfulness is a word used in connection with Buddhism and meditation, meaning to be in the present moment. It is being very aware of what we are doing while we are doing it. As a method for cultivating mindfulness – meditation is a vital part of the daily routine at Mindful Farm.

We believe that promoting organic farming and a vegan diet is the only way to preserve our Mother Earth. Thich Nhat Hanh says that mindfulness must be engaged. We will be able to achieve inner peace by working day by day with mindfulness for a better world for the future generation.

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Mindful Farmers plants the seed for

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Volunteering opportunities

How can volunteers help at Mindful Farm?

We have been planting many kinds of vegetables and fruit trees. The aim is to produce enough for our own daily nourishment, and, as our harvest allows, share with the people in the community. We used to sell our organic products in Bangkok, but now we are exploring the local market. So much processed food from the city is bought and consumed in the village, and apparently health problems have increased. We would like to contribute to the better health of the people in the community, and therefore, together with other organic farmers around, we are seeking a venue to sell our products nearby.

We make compost, organic pesticides, organic fertilizers by ourselves. We make plant beds and watering systems by hand. Organic farming without machines need lots of hands and time. We invite volunteers to join in the whole process and we can enjoy together in  the creation of our dream garden. 

Furthermore the increase of guests from overseas in the village bring different ideas and perspectives to the local people. Only three organic farms are in the village now. Volunteers are the door to the world for the people in the village. Now the local people learn from so many people coming to our farm to seek living in organic farming, vegan food and meditation. They understand this is the global trend. Mindful Farm hopes to be an example of how to farm organically in the area. 

We welcome all energetic people to join us working on the farm, including families or groups  . 

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123 Moo 4 Pang Term Village,Maesap,Samoeng,

Chiang Mai,Thailand 50250

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